Java Game Development with Slick – 13 – Bucky Land RPG


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35 thoughts on “Java Game Development with Slick – 13 – Bucky Land RPG

  1. Just watching and typing what they type in the tutorial won't help,
    you actually have to learn it.
    I recommend checking out some things on the Oracle website and actually studying it.

  2. Hey Bucky. I hope you are reading this. In order to make a game that is all scalable like for instc. Angry Bird, one needs to use SVG-graphic instead of PNG-graphic :). So I was wondering if you might wanted to make a tut where that kind of graphics were used? The reason why I ask is that me myself (followed all your Slick tuts but) is stuck with using either the BATIK library or the SALAMANDER-jar that both should be able to handle SVG-graphics inside Eclipse. I cant get any of them to work :-/

  3. thanks. Do you know how i can change the font when programming the game. I want something like a Mario Brothers style type font. I would really appreciate the help. and thanks once again.

  4. does anyone no where I can create the 8-bit characters that bucky made for his character? PLEASE I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!

    I would also like to no where to create the environment as well.

  5. There's a big difference between ambiguous posts and obviously sarcastic remarks; you've just demonstrated the difference. And I'm as calm as can be, though I appreciate your concern for me.

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