Java Game Development with Slick – 14 – Building the Main Menu


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30 thoughts on “Java Game Development with Slick – 14 – Building the Main Menu

  1. PNG supports transparency, it's the most important thing in 2D gaming, it is also important in 3D games, for smoke or fire, or trees leaves, etc. It also don't create artifacts(scattered pixels that makes the image blurry when zoomed in, like the JPG).

  2. i dont know why but when ever i do this step the hole thing breaks down, these 2 other tabs pop up with the heading of class file editor and source not found iv checked and that my jars are in the right place but still nothing
    please help

  3. Are you kidding me? After being able to export the file and after 4 hours of googling after it didn't work with slick you are telling me that File>Export? You really think i haven't tried that?

  4. Bucky! SHOW US HOW TO COMPILE THE GAME INTO EXECUTABLE JAR! I kind of need alpha testing, but without executable jar it's going to be a pain in the arse.

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