Java Game Programming #14 – Backgrounds


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21 thoughts on “Java Game Programming #14 – Backgrounds

  1. I have a problem. I loaded an image for the background but when I load it, it is set on the foreground, I mean, it blocks the player sprite from view… What could be the problem?

  2. Do you prefer java or gml? I've gotten pretty good at gml and I'm looking towards going into learning a bother language. (Ps. I'm in a class at school so I have some experience with that as well.)

  3. Here are some things I think you should do, firstly, shaders to go with the textures(this includes the tweaning graphical effect), enemy A.I and line of sight, and, most importantly, MULTIPLAYER. I am sure that everyone here wants multiplayer more than anything else, so if you can, please, multiplayer. Thank you. 

  4. Good video but I dont see any news. All this subjects are already on youtube.The only video I really enjoy was about creating a map by a picture and reading the pixels. You should make a video about enemy on the map for you hit and win levels or something like that.

  5. hey real I just start programing a couple of weeks ago and my friend and I are starting a game! i got to here and heres what i would like for the next tut: Try to get around to enemys and i would love it if you tryed to get around to some sorta weapon you shoot??? your tuts are amazing and i subbed and liked your awesome!!!!

  6. I have kinda big problem .. i droo to like 20fps when i draw the map and player with a image. I have checked so don't create a new image every time i render that kind of stuff, so what can it be.

  7. You should briten up the colors for the grass and the dirt. The bright and chearful background really makes the grass and dirt seem evil, and way too dark. Anyways, love the videos! Your the only youtube java tutorial maker that I have found that actually explains the code, that is really the most amazing part of your tutorials. Happy coding!

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