Java Game Programming 37 – State Manager


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Java Game Programming Episode 37: In this episode of Java Game Programming we create our third helper class named the StateManager! This static class exists to help us differentiate between the different modes of our Game such as being in the Menu, the level Editor or in the actual tower defense mode.

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12 thoughts on “Java Game Programming 37 – State Manager

  1. i'm new and it's a shame that you did not continue building the main menu just because you made a picture for the game does not mean it's a menu, really. I kind of wish you actually went in and started making a flow pane which took in three buttons and added some CSS to make it look nice. but sadly all you did was make a switch statement that updates the background image, lame.

  2. I really like this tutorial so far, but I took a break and started back up my program, finished with #36, and now for some reason my enemies don't move. The projectiles still work, and it will spawn the enemy wave size, just no movement. I can't figure out what's wrong. Any ideas?

  3. Nice tutorial ireally liked it !
    But i have a completly different question:
    Is there a way to scale down a sprite with the code?
    I know it may sound stupid but i have downloaded a really cool sprite for my hero but i didnt notice that he is not 16×16 like my other spirtes…. he is like 250×280 😀

  4. I have a few questions for you about projectiles and enemies, plus i wanted to give you the images for these that i have questions about.  Is there a way for the enemy to turn once it hits a checkpoint? and if the projectile isn't round it does not fly straight. If you can help please let me know

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