Java Game Programming Wizard Top Down Shooter Part 13


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10 thoughts on “Java Game Programming Wizard Top Down Shooter Part 13

  1. I've got a problem with my game. Your game runs flawlessly, but my game is an unplayable freeze frame. It seems to run far under a single frame per second. I messaged this to you on Twitter and did not get a response. This issue is really bugging me because I want to progress in making my game, but I can't test anything because it's too slow. Another issue in my game is that almost none of the ammo crates I place stay where I put them. The teleport to the room the player spawns in. Do you have any solutions to these issues? I would very much appreciate if you do.

  2. So idk if you have like a whole plan for the entire series yet or not, but what i would like to learn is scaling the game for different displays as well as making the game fullscreen. obviously this will be controlled with a settings state of the game and you haven't gone over game states yet, but i just wanted to let you know that I'm interested in this series, I've learned a bit from it, and I think most people would want to have a fully operational game in every way, including volume control, scaling like i mentioned, saving and loading game states, etc, etc. It'd be cool if you could do that because not a lot of people on youtube provide that in a tutorial for people to learn. I loves your coding tutorials and I'm excited to see the future of this tut series

  3. can you make a tutorial on how to make custom health bars magic bar and stamina bar. that looks like Skyrim. like has a Skyrim boarder around the bars. but be able to edit them in the Sprite editor to how ever you want the boarder to look and to put it wherever you want

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