Java Game Programming Wizard Top Down Shooter Part 2


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27 thoughts on “Java Game Programming Wizard Top Down Shooter Part 2

  1. I have a error on Rectangle getBounds(); …
    Illegal modifier for the field Rectangle; only public, protected, private, static, final, transient & volatile are permitted.
    Return type for the method is missing
    Syntax error, insert ";" to complete FieldDeclaration
    This method requires a body instead of a semicolon
    void is an invalid type for the variable Rectangle

  2. Hello, I have a question. I'v used same values in game loop as you did, but I am getting spikes. My computer specs: i5 6200u, 8gb ram, HD Graphics 520 GPU and. How can I this optymyze?

  3. The rectangles don't appear. I tried different colors for them and the background, different sizes, different positions and velocityies, but they never appear. What could be the problem?

  4. Idk whatis wrong with my program exact same code and all but when i say velx = 1 the box moves very quickly and handler.addObject(new Block(100, 100)) doesn't actually output it to 100,100 instead 100,0

  5. this is so cooool^^ one question. I understand what u are doing. but Im not ready to make the same game with my experiences. Is it right to watch this videos? Im new at java I know the basics + OOP basics. but these videos are my first real project experiences. should i watch them or do u have an other way to learn java on a better way or am i on the right way=^^

  6. In the Game() constructor isn't it better to write "handler = new Handler();" before "start();"?
    Also, "velX = 0.9f;" doesn't move the box. "velX = 1;" works. How to make "velX = 0.9f;" to move the box?
    Thank you for this tutorial.

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