Java Getters and Setters, this, Parameters: Tutorial


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We describe Getters and Setters, the ‘this’ keyword, the ‘void’ keyword, and the use of parameters in Java methods.

22 thoughts on “Java Getters and Setters, this, Parameters: Tutorial

  1. See this tutorial?

    After wateching about 20 others on youtube I think I can say that this one is the best by far on getters/setters and the reason I think so is because not only do you go over the code you also clearly explain what the code is referencing and why.

    A lot of other youtubers just don't do or gloss over, but it is so important to understand why the code is needed, what it actually does, what it references and what is referenced from it and the various ways it can be used in the programme.

    So i just wanted to thank you for all of that.

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