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Java is going to support GPU acceleration. This is huge news for those cranking large datasets in server-based environments. IBM is leading the charge to boost performance by up to 48 times!

Bionym has the Nymi that uses heartbeat to identify you and provide secure authentication. No more key fobs,just simple gesture recognition combined with low-energy Bluetooth.

Finally, SolidRun is changing the game when it comes to microPC’s. …

42 thoughts on “Java GPU Acceleration in Two Inch Computer – Netlinked Daily

  1. I don't know what libraries Minecraft uses, but I have a feeling that it already uses the gpu. What this story is likely taking about is using Java for computing data, not just graphics.
    I am not an expert on this, but from what I understand, it has great application in areas where you could pipeline data. So stuff like large databases or mining bitcoins.

  2. Do you all realize how many channels Linus has??? Do you really think he can give his exclusive attention to all of them? How about I start complaining too on his cat channel saying he is ignoring it? As he has stated several times before, Linus has a REAL job a NCIX, and even with all the help he gets, it still isn't enough to show his face everywhere. Give him a break already! And give the other employees a chance!

  3. Unique – Yes. Useful – Not so much. "overly convenient" maybe. But you buy this slight convenience with a huge roadbump in performance and stability, which is not worth it in my honest opinion.

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