Java Programming Tutorial 1 – Introduction to Java


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The first tutorial of the Java for Grasshoppers course.

A little Java language background, and a brief overview of how Java works its magic: We’ll discuss why Java is so popular (and a great programming language choice for beginners), the Java Development Cycle, and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM for short).

There are good reasons so many people are programming with Java: It’s easy to learn, extremely portable, and usable for a wide variety of applications.

For questions about Java, about…

4 thoughts on “Java Programming Tutorial 1 – Introduction to Java

  1. Great video.very clear explanations and clear simple style.may suggest to make the videos or the lessons as solutions to programming problems.let me explain: you would present a problem .it could be as simple as adding two numbers to making a small video game. Then you would make lessons to solve the problem by coding for it in Java.concepts would be introduced as we encounter them in our solutions.then when the lessons have prepared the viewer android apps programming could be introduced.

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