Java Programming Tutorial – 66 – JRadioButton


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40 thoughts on “Java Programming Tutorial – 66 – JRadioButton

  1. When you create pb= new JRadioButton(); or group = new ButtonGroup();
    Are these objects we are creating? I know it's actually making the button and such but is this considered an object/instance?

  2. Master of clean code

    private JTextField tf;
    private Font pf;
    private Font bf;
    private Font itf;
    private Font bif;
    private JRadioButton pb;
    private JRadioButton bb;
    private JRadioButton ib;
    private JRadioButton bib;

  3. You're amazing man! Your tutorials are the best I could find on the internet (by far!) and you got a really awesome personality! Always stay yourself and keep doing what you love! Thanks a lot for all the tutorials and the jokes <3

  4. I'm not sure what happened but around tutorial 50 you went from "I can follow this" to "HOLY CRAP WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?"

    It is like you just threw the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) philosophy out the window. Remember it was a true beginner tutorials, not just try and keep up.

  5. What would happen if in the source code you set more than one radio button to true? Would there be an error, or does Java have a default setting or something it would go to?

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