Java Programming Tutorial – 78 – File Class


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44 thoughts on “Java Programming Tutorial – 78 – File Class

  1. God dang Bucky you're a legend. if I end up being a computer engineer in the US, which has been my dream for quite a while, I'll donate the shit out of you. You have my word.

  2. So what' does this only work on apple devices only? 🙁 i see that im confused' im studying it for the moment and i need to know how to make a file likeyou pls reply thanks!

  3. Hey guys i made a silly mistake, i created a text file named it 'lestat.txt'. It was about to get me crazy but i noticed that I've actually made a file called lestat.txt.txt and that was the reason. Thought It might help

  4. Dont work for me , says file does not exist if i try to control did i created file or no
    , so file is not created 🙁
    But i write 100% code same :S

    public class ReadFILE {

    public static void main(String[] args){
    File xxx=new File("C:\story.txt");

    {System.out.println("DONT EXIST");}
    } }

    What i am doing wrong? i have tried different path versions also 🙁

  5. Is there anything dramatically different for the new Path and File classes starting in Java 7? If so, will there be an updated tutorial? You host my favorite tutorials because they are so easy to understand and would love have an updated one if necessary.

  6. I dont get the difference, first you create the file x that holds the file "greg.txt", then you just change the name of the file to "fhkdjsf.txt" and now it doesn't exsist whenyou run it with that name?
    Shouldnät it just create a new file named "fhkdjsf"?
    Why does it work the first time, but not the second time?

  7. Hey bro…. thank you for the tutorial series.
    Actually , i downloaded a series of tutorials from a pirated website.
    it starts with : " whatsupp, my name is bucky".
    finally i found that bucky in youtube….! what is your real name?

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