“Java Programming Tutorial” | “Super Mario Game” #15 | Drawing Sprites


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Welcome to episode 15 of our mario game in java tutorial. This episode, we will be loading and drawing sprites into our game.

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Intro Music: Knife Party – Centipede
Outro Music: K-391 – Hang Loose
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9 thoughts on ““Java Programming Tutorial” | “Super Mario Game” #15 | Drawing Sprites

  1. Hi man nice Tutorial
    i am getting an error on
    _image = _sheet.getSprite(x, y);
    and this is the error log can you help i can figure out why
    Exception in thread "thread from main" java.lang.NullPointerException
    at graphics.Sprite.<init>(Sprite.java:12)
    at test1Main.Game.init(Game.java:59)
    at test1Main.Game.run(Game.java:89)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

  2. mine keeps saying illegal modifiers for the grass and player in Game, it says only final is allowed. When I delete public static it says they aren't being used. In the wall and player it says wall/player can't be resolved or is not a field. plz help.

  3. omg I REMoVED the asterisk from  (*/spritesheet.png")    don't know why you put it there but it looked fishy !~~~ now i can see everything !~~~~ i thought i messed up when everything turned white on me with random errors, but still compiling !~

  4. Love your grass! This has been the best video so far! THANK YOU!!!! I still don't understand the logic behind making all the walls for my stage very well hope to get it soon lol. This is getting so exciting!!! 😀

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