“Java Programming Tutorial” | “Super Mario Game” #21 | PowerUp Block


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Welcome to episode 21 if our mario game in java tutorial! This episode, we implement powerup blocks into our game.

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8 thoughts on ““Java Programming Tutorial” | “Super Mario Game” #21 | PowerUp Block

  1. If you can't collide with your powerUp block, then you might have the same problem that I did. In your player class's tick() method, you might have something like this.

    for(Tile t: handler.tile) {
    // if(!t.solid) break;
    // if(t.getId() == Id.wall){
    if(getBoundsTop().intersects(t.getBounds()) ){
    Get rid of the 2 lines that I put "//" on. You'll have an extra ""}" later in your code, now. Get rid of that too.

  2. Im declaring,shenanigans.your not following none of your prior code and i wasted hours almost days just to realize thAT YOU KEEP PUTTING UP TOTALLY DIFFERENT CODES.
    can you post the correct codes in the comments for people wont be mislead.
    other than that these tutorials are totally useless in teaching people anything

  3. Hey +OfficialGamingNetwork
    As i try to follow your tutorial your code seems to change from video to video and as a consequence things don't work for me as they do in your video.
    This time i can't collide with the powerup block (which means no mushroom pops up)
    Hopefully you see this question

  4. Awesome video.. Everything went smoothly, and all the bugs I had in the last 2-3 videos seems to be fixed from looking at the code in this one 🙂


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