“Java Programming Tutorial” | “Super Mario Game” #22 | Damaging System


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Welcome to episode 22 of our mario game in java tutorial! This episode, we implement a damaging system into our game.

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Intro Music: Knife Party – Centipede
Outro Music: K-391 – Hang Loose
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4 thoughts on ““Java Programming Tutorial” | “Super Mario Game” #22 | Damaging System

  1. Hey, sorry I took a sort of pause from these videos and from my programming, but I was wondering, I've had this persistent problem of my expanded character clipping into the tiles and teleporting a little. Do you know how I can fix this. Let me know if I should email you my source code? Pronto please!

  2. well done !! thank you! I'm waiting for the next episodes !!
    But i have a problem with the Entities, when i create more than one gomba for example, i have a "java.util.ConcurrentModificationException" when I collapse with one of them or when collapse with a mushroom !! Is it normal??

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