Java Tutorial 25 – Importing Classes from Other Packages


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This video is intended for students of King Faisal University – College of Computer Science and Information Technology (CCSIT).

Students will learn how to import classes from other packages in Java.

21 thoughts on “Java Tutorial 25 – Importing Classes from Other Packages

  1. please reply quickly threre is an error that i can not resolve i create two pachages thsese two pachages are related and how can we acess private member of the other pachage by importing to the other pachage

  2. for anyone who is doing it this way and is using the default package i suggest creating a new package and moving all your classes to that package then do it this way. LOL forgot i was using the default package therefore at the beginning I was unable to import.

  3. thanks what if the package that i want to import is in different folder. for example first project is in c: drive and second project in d: drive then how to import package from first to second

  4. just learning how to java, and this helped quite a bit. can you message me on skype if you read this? therealmatt916

    i have a couple easy questions that you could possibly help with

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