Java Video Tutorial 2: Hello World!


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This video tutorial guides you through the basics of writing, compiling and running a simple program with some extra hints and tips along the way.

40 thoughts on “Java Video Tutorial 2: Hello World!

  1. @yamxa996 You're missing some paths in your system. Google something about the error; there is a lot of helpful lguides out there showing you how to fix this issue.

  2. Keep up the good work! No wonder I couldn't get jdk to work from those web tutorials….there were quite a few differences in the details and that's what screwed me up. This was a nice visual and succinct tutorial and I've just made my first java program plus I know how to get into different directories. Pretty sweet.

  3. far as i know c++ is for making games and java is for making business application.
    c++ is harder to learn but if you learn it java, c and other programing languages will be easy to learn.

  4. Hi! Man i tried it but didn't work.

    1st i installed the jdk-6u7 version in my OS (Vista), in c:JDK but the javac command never worked. So, after some frustrated trys i decided to uninstall it and install again, without changing the path.

    Now the javac command works but there is an error when im compiling. It says "Error: could not open c:JDKlibi386jvm.cfg"

    Probably there is an error with paths but i dont know how to solve this… Please Help!

  5. i got the last one working and now iam at the end of this one and ofcorse their has to be a probleme when i enter java hello it says could not create the java virtual machine can u help plz thx and ur vids been very helpful so far

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