Java vs. Kona vs. Walnut wood stain and gel by General Finishes, Minwax and Rust-oluem


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Comparison of wood stain and wood gel products

30 thoughts on “Java vs. Kona vs. Walnut wood stain and gel by General Finishes, Minwax and Rust-oluem

  1. This help me make my decision. I wondered exactly this, was the general finishes worth it. You help me make my decision to buy it. I only hesitated because its so time consuming to buy. But patience is a virtue, so i will wait and buy the java gel stain online. Hey thank you for leaving this video just for me, lol.

  2. I'm as impatient as you and was contemplating driving that hour to go get some Java and now I think I'm gonna go drive to get some. I wish my husband was sanding down my pieces for me. Lol

  3. Thank you I love the fact that you did it side by side I know usually with stain you get what you pay for. That java by general will be what I use…bigger is not always better company wise.Awesome narration

  4. Great job, thank you! I'm getting ready to re-stain my banister and this was very helpful. Do you know if the java gel can be applied over an existing glossy finish? Love your voice! I could listen to you all day 😀

  5. Thank you for doing this video! I will go out of my way to get the General Finishes Gel stain rather than take the easy way our and getting one of the others at a big box store!

  6. Thank you for this side by side comparison. I'm surprised no one told you that the can of Minwax you had was just old. I used the GF gel stain and ended up buying more cans as I needed them. I got one can that had the same consistancy as the Minwax that you showed. It was just old.

  7. We are refinishing our kitchen cabinets and this video was so helpful! Everything you said about reviewing stain products online is exactly what happened to me when I was deciding on what stain to use. I have spent countless hours researching cabinet refinishing and once I was ready to start, I took a small cabinet down to the basement (if I messed this cabinet up, it wouldn’t be any loss bc we were thinking about leaving this cabinet out of the kitchen for good) to see if I could realistically do this before starting the rest of the cabinets. First I stripped the old finish off the same way you did, then sanded, and then I realized I had a lot more research to do. 😕 This time it was on deciding which stain to use. Thanks to your video, my husband is at the store, right now actually, buying the general finish stain! Hopefully this all turns out well and thank you so much for sharing your project!!!!!

  8. Would have had better results if you didn't wipe off the gel stains. You don't wipe them off after application as they are meant to self level after a couple of coats. Plus the gels are more designed to not be used on stripped wood.

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