Joe and Briana Fight Over iPhone vs Android…


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The age old debate…
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31 thoughts on “Joe and Briana Fight Over iPhone vs Android…

  1. I like android because it allows people like me (who is currently financially struggling) to have A phone.

    $60 gets you a phone that goes on the internet, sends text, and takes decent pics.

  2. All of these pro apple arguments are so illogical and incoherent. Like let's state my strong opinion and judgement against Android user while claiming it's ok that iPhone has old tech and lacks features because supposedly you don't give a shit? LMAO

  3. I love everything apple… Except the iPhone. I love ipod/ipad/appleTV/macbook/iMac all of it. I just need my phone to have better features. Also I find that macs work really well with Google… So I have no issues with my phone not working with my Mac. I can get media from my phone to my computer on Google photos and there's a free app you can download on your Mac to pull up everything on your phone SD card. Works great. Why is everyone on board with "love who you want to love" until it comes to Apple/Android?!

  4. As someone who has grown up with PCs I can tell you that Macbooks looks alien to me. Giant icons cluttering the screen and a touchpad with no clear indication on how to operate it. WTF is double clicking to bring up a menu? right click is menu and double click is opening a program, how hard is that? Also what is the command key used for?

  5. Marketing is a huge problem for android because android is the software the phones run on and there are so many different android brands to serve your personal needs. Apple sells one phone with one kind of software making marketing so much easier.
    It's hard to market phones when they all have different things to offer against one phone with one thing to offer.

  6. Briana and Nina hit on a good point. Once you buy apple products you are forced to keep buying other apple products or else it isn't compatible great marketing strategy for reeling in the lesser intelligent people.

  7. Love you, Phil. Love your show, and as I'm having the worst year of my life, seeing you put heart and soul out there yet making sure every feels welcomed into the discussion does my heart so much good. And I will say I do appreciate Joe more now with the recent addition of interviews, and I can't even begin to describe the blubbering mess I was by the end Jason's time in front of the camera, going from insanely jealous of his life to both feeling his pain AND feeling… joyful jealousy? My father passed this year after, after I took care of him for a decade because no one else would, and it was not that relationship… but it made me happy to know someone could have that closeness, because sometimes it feels like it's just impossible, as I've just no point of reference. Anyway, I appreciate all you do.

    That said… this argument is a huge pet peeve, it's kindergarten playground stuff, they might as well be arguing consoles (which one would be the Nintendo apologist?) but I did appreciate it outside of that, at least everyone got a word in. That's just a personal quirk, I guess maybe not being into sports has kept me out of the trash talk circles, I do like how they teeter on mean-spirited but manage to bring in right back every time in these…

    But for the love of Zod, puh-leeeez: puh-LEEZ with the pop culture clips. I feel like I'm watching the geeky version of Dream On on adderall sometimes. I mean, that show had its moments, but… everybody got annoyed with those, and they had, like, a third of what you're rockin' here. It was especially annoying if… WHEN they happened during a sex scene… but I was, like, 18 or 19, so…

    Hey, more sex scenes, that's what this needs.

    You're welcome

    Kidding aside, I can't do full support right now like I wish I could, as I've been left the Titanic and the band keeps wanting to try to play, but you and yours have been part of the reason this captain isn't ready to go down with the ship. Yours is the only channel I've even felt that for. When I can, I will. But your big heart means a lot to me, I love y'all's faces, thanks for that voodoo that you do and for putting yourself out there. All of you. Y'all rocketh my socks.

  8. I love apple, because there is no settings to adjust how long it rings for before going to voicemail, If you want to adjust the time you need to enter in a really long hash code that nearly everybody doesnt know… Also the side switch that always puts my Iphone into descreet mode while in my pocket is handy as it doesnt allow me to answer important phonecalls..also the whole not being allowed to listen to your music via headphones while its charging is very innovative…and the not being able to use standard headphones is great, especially when apple headphones cost ALOT more. Ive already broke my screen twice because ill let it fall from a very short height as its very fragile and apple has already started to brickware my fon because of battery performance issues, Ive only had it 2 years now and its so slow.. slower than cheap low end dated android phones,
    But if any android user dares tell me my 900 quid fon is a overpriced steaming pile of under performing tech I will defend it to my dying day as it fulfills me , its a status symbol that gives my life meaning and I feel more respectable because of it :D.. oh and its compatible with other junk devices I own too 😀 LOOool.

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