John Cleese Thinks Monty Python is Overrated in America


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He tells it like it is.
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31 thoughts on “John Cleese Thinks Monty Python is Overrated in America

  1. Not sure who this goober host is, but if he actually thinks that washed up footballer is top three in Americans' minds when referencing Britain, he doesn't know jack shit about us in general. American's outside of a minuscule niche don't give a flying fuck about soccer or its stars. That's why he didn't accomplish anything really when he came over here. Beckham's not even top 20. Just so many the incredible British musicians, actors and comedians alone are well ahead of him; not to mention politicians/royalty.

  2. "I have a pet hedgehog named Zippy and I will walk her into town. And every time my foot hits the ground, I will say Boing, Boing, Boing…"
    This Family Guy parody of Python is actually funnier than 50% of all Palin-Jones sketches in the Flying Circus.

  3. John Cleese did a funny Barbie doll sketch in 1965 for Help! magazine where he met Terry Gilliam which was founded by MAD magazine founder Harvey Kurtzman which was in a way the kind of the start of Python.

  4. Mr. Cleese, isn't kidding about Monty Python's status here in the states. I've never known a time in my life when Monty Python wasn't popular. Even back when I was child in the 90's Monty Python was well liked by me and my fellow students (pupils to you Redcoats). To this day I've only ever met a handful of people who have never heard of or didn't like Monty Python.

  5. Was introduced to Monty Python on PBS as a 9 or 10 year old in 1973 or 1974. Was one of their 1st big fans here in the States. My friend and I absolutely loved them at that tender age…………still do.

  6. 2:56 John Lennon said this in his last radio interview (which he gave to the BBC) in 1980 (just a couple of days before he was murdered). It can be found here on youtube. And (as any Python fan knows) George Harrison was a big fan, too: He co-produced BRIAN, starred in THE RUTLES, etc.

  7. Dear British Friends:  the point he makes about going outside New York/LA into small city America and you speak in British there is a brief moment that we need to accept that you are real and not The Beatles or in a Monty Python sketch.  Not joking.  Seriously.  It usually takes me about 10-15 seconds to recalibrate my composure.  I'm telling you this to help ease relations with us and have a fun trip and ask kindly that you not be an evil bastard and utilize this for wicked purposes.  You're not as smart as you think you are and God can hear you in America too.  Just remember that, OK?  Cheers.  Oh, and don't say "Cheers" because we rarely use that word.  Say "Thanks" instead because "Cheers" sounds smart ass to us once we figured out what it was you said when you left.  LOL

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