jQuery Fullcalendar Integration with Bootstrap PHP MySQL


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JavaScript event calendar fully customized integrated with Bootstrap, PHP and MySQL plugin used fullcalendar in javascript. Display a full-size drag-n-drop event calendar, leveraging jQuery.

Download: http://www.phplift.net/download/download.php?id=NjIzMjI5LjMy
Demo: http://demos.phplift.net/jquery-fullcalendar-integration-bootstrap-php-mysql/
Full Article: http://www.phplift.net/jquery-fullcalendar-integration-with-bootstrap-php-mysql/

29 thoughts on “jQuery Fullcalendar Integration with Bootstrap PHP MySQL

  1. I have practiced this work…but my events are not working…..when I add an event ,it is not visible on the calendar and also it is not saved in the database…..can you help me to solve this problem…

  2. thank you for the video
    i want to add days on my bdd ,that i canno't add to them any event .for exemple: sunday 16/07/2017 i want it unselected on my calendar ,so i can't add any event and thank you

  3. no me graba nada en el mysql y puse los datos de acceso a la base cual es el problema con esto. la coneccion dice msqliconect…..necesita algo en especial ? yo tengo el xampp con mysql – / not record in database MysQL , when update events, look my database and nothing 0 reg, not message error.

  4. Great tutorial but having a major problem

    First I work in month view only – setting a event in the data base like from 1 november to 8 december it shows the event in the month november even more and into december on the november month view – but clicking the next month button so to see december it should continue the event upto 8 decemeber and it is not showing!!!!

    second in the data base end date is 8 december but it shows even only to 7 december

    could you help me out here – thanks

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