29 thoughts on “Jupyter Notebook Setup | Python

  1. Can u also show us in VS code…
    Cuz its light weight and fast too…i want to continue coding in python thr (not only me others too)…..plz if u get time make a video on it too …i hope u will cuz u r amazing… thank u…

  2. I'm from civil engineering background. Initially i felt programming is difficult to learn.After watching your videos,I feel that learning things is really easy when you have great guide(That's you). Because of your videos,I started to learn programming.
    Thank a lot man..

  3. Sir which one is better? In my computer , I have installed jupyter notebook(pip version through command line prompt) and intellij professional (by Jetbrain free student license). Please reply sir. Huge fan.. I wanna meet you someday.😎😅😅

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