JVM ( java virtual machine) architecture – tutorial


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In this video I tried to explore one of the popular core Java interview topics – Java virtual machine architecture – this provides you a fairly detailed walk through, also touches up on topics such as permgen and metaspace( jdk8) – I am going to post more topics like these, hit subscribe if you like what you see.

49 thoughts on “JVM ( java virtual machine) architecture – tutorial

  1. Thanks for this video,
    I cleared 3 rounds of interview and got rejected in the final round because I couldnt explain memory management in jvm
    yes companies in india do ask about jvm.this video will help me for my next interview.

  2. Hi Ranjith,you said static variables if any will be initialized and static blocks will be executed. in JVM for execution bytecode has to be interpreted. but per your explaination interpretation starts when main method starts execution. Please clarify does static variables initialization and static block execution happens by java interpreter.

  3. Great Video!!!
    But one note:
    Actually, PC Registers contain the pointer to CURRENT executing instruction – not the next (it will point to next instruction only after current instruction will be finished).

  4. Good one Ranjith! Looking forward for videos from you! I have an application using 100% cpu on the jvm(from VisualVM) but the server is only at 30-40% CPU (from top).. Is there a way to limit CPU within the JVM? I was using WAS. Do all threads have upto 100% cpu then? Is there relation between cpu/ threads and heap size? Cheers

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