Laxman: India should have declared sooner


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VVS Laxman, Brad Hodge and Nikhil Naz discuss Day 2 of the third Test at Melbourne

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30 thoughts on “Laxman: India should have declared sooner

  1. Lakshman is saying Pant should have been aggressive and India should have declared early.. Did Lakshman see the field placements for Pant?? Pant is an onside player and he cannot cut or play down the ground to spinners on offside…Onside field for Pant was loaded and this is a big MCG ground he cannot hit sixes (I dont think he can play down the ground for 4) as easily he would have been caught.. Pant has to develop playing down the ground and also he was not rotating the strike. Singles were very easy to take. Tap the ball and run fro single or place and take two.

  2. It is very funny to read some funny comments about India being slow in run rate .as an analyst always wait till both teams bat. I am sure these ignoramus people have no experience of playing cricket at a decent level and then to come here and openly flouting international cricketers Is absolutely preposterous

  3. People who are talking about Rohit sharma's century please understand its a team game and India's win is more important than getting century.Gone are the days when Player like Sachin Tendulkar played for themselves at the cost of India win.

  4. India shouldn't have declared earlier. They were right in tiring the Aussies which would help them in the rest of the match. But that being said, they could have batted a little faster. A score of 480-500 would have been great from psychological perspective. But anyways, a very good score upfront after such a long time overseas.

  5. Pujara style of batting has only limited use. Once the team loses openers cheaply,Pujara can play his 100 balls 2 runs.
    Once the team has a good number of runs, Pujara 2 runs from 1000 runs becomes a liability. The team needs dashers no PUJARA. I was glad whenPujara got out. In came better scoring bats

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