Learn Python with CodeCademy: Battleship!


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Brief video going over Python course Battleship from Codecademy.

Fan funding goes towards buying the equipment necessary to deliver 4k videos, 4k webcam, and a high quality microphone better audio. Any support is very appreciated!



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21 thoughts on “Learn Python with CodeCademy: Battleship!

  1. 15:54 if only you tested your game .you would find soo many errors in syntax and logic.
    bro you usually put in 100% effort into the lesson from what i seen ,which i apprecaite but i didn't see u doing that this lesson.

  2. 13/19 i also dont fully understand how board[guess_row][guess_col] ="X" works .
    i understand what it does but i dont understand how it work or the logic behind it, if that makes sense

  3. at 14:50 when you are being shown the output of guess_row 1 and guess_col 1 it is showing the data on the board flipped and counting from 0 to 4 like a computer. rather than 1-5 like a human.I'm really terrible at communication… sorry if this doesn't make sense

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