Lenovo ZUK Z2 Android Oreo 8.0 //AEX 5.0 Impressions!


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Yo ssup YT FAM this is new video, So recently AEX 5.0 Alpha build is out and I managed to flash and test it on ZUK Z2. Here are my intial impressions. In this video I’ll talk about the features working and performance of device and rest are left with discussion of BUGS! Yes it does have some, which is pretty expected in and unofficial build. Grab a coffee/redbull and enjoy the video stay connected to ground because it gives you wings!
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26 thoughts on “Lenovo ZUK Z2 Android Oreo 8.0 //AEX 5.0 Impressions!

  1. On the current version volte is not working ….and also like u said the fingerprint sensor isnt responsive …..and also on screen nav bar option isnt available and u cant mod the home button like on stock or like u did on aex 4.5 …battery drain is there …and on standby it drains .The thing i liked about the rom is ram management seems to be good…but still it aint ad daily usable rom .

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