LG G6 Android 8 Oreo Update // LG Camera vs Google Camera


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In this video I share what’s new with the Android 8.0 Oreo update for the LG G6, my favorite features, and experience with performance and battery life. I also share still photos from the LG camera app vs. the Google camera APK.

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Google Camera APK:

All versions of the Google Camera from this…

48 thoughts on “LG G6 Android 8 Oreo Update // LG Camera vs Google Camera

  1. I know I'm super late but I didn't comment just incase it fixed itself. My LG G6 still hasn't received the 8.0 update… I'm using AT&T (but I bought it off eBay and live in the UK so my sim is different, it's one for the UK since we don't have at&t here…) Either way, idk how I'm meant to fix this… Any help is appreciated

  2. Nice review, but you really need to stabilise the phones when comparing the cameras. All the flower shots took with the stock camera app are motion blurred. I'm not saying stock is better but it's a suggestion anyway. Also stock camera's ISO performance is horrible at low light.

  3. I think, when you took a shot from LG camera, there was no focusing happened, unlike at google camera that was clearly focused, i use g6 cam yet i can get much better result far from your sample shot

  4. Thank you for the good video man. Have you encountered any freezes /crashes in any apps using g6? I just sold my iPhone 6s and thinking of buying the g6 (can get a good deal). Would you recommend as a daily driver?

  5. Good, an unbiased review. We need more people like you. Tired of the positive-only clearly paid reviews. Thanks to you, I'll hold off on updating to 8. It doesn't seem worth the decrease in battery life and the microscopic drop in performance. I see literally no benefits.

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