Macintosh: Using TextWrangler to Develop Python Programs


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This video desmonstrates how to use TextWrangler to develop Python programs on the Macintosh. We install TextWrangler and create a simple Python program and running the program. We even make and correct a syntax error. This is part of free educational material provided by

25 thoughts on “Macintosh: Using TextWrangler to Develop Python Programs

  1. It works! Thanks a lot 🙂

    Q: I tried python and got hello world and an answer to a sum OK – like yours, works fine.

    But when I tried python3.2 , I got syntax error at the closing " of "hello world" – any ideas?

    I had already downloaded 3.23 from Then when I tried python3.23 , I got bash command not found…

  2. Thanks so much man. After 30 minutes in TextWrangler manual, I was no closer to getting my program to run. So big thanks from an old Vic-20 BASIC programmer getting back into programming with Python.
    As a side note to others. If you want to run a different version of Python, type python3.1 for example to run Python 3.1 (if installed). Otherwise it will run maybe an older version.

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