Managing Python Environments with Conda


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This video explains how to create virtual environments with conda.

conda docs:
Download Anaconda:

15 thoughts on “Managing Python Environments with Conda

  1. After downloading the and installing anaconda do we need to set any path to environment variable?
    Because even after installing anaconda, opening cmd and typing "python" does not show python version + anacoda version,
    it only shows python version

  2. Learned a lot from your video, especially the conda remove –name env_name –all …
    I followed the documentation that says '-n' instead of '–name' and didn't work …
    scratched my head and saw your video …

    Many thanks.

  3. Thanks for this video. I was following the video as such.. but the activate command doesn't seem to work for me. The error message reads "The system cannot find the path specified". I am using Miniconda.

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