Manila Airport to Angeles City for $7 USD


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Here’s a new bus service that runs from Manila Airport curbside to SM Clark and Clark Airport in Angeles City. The fare is only 350 PHP and the buses are brand new!

If you’re going to stay in Manila for a night or two, here’s another bus service that runs to Angeles City for $15 from near the U.S. embassy in Ermita.

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My Million-Dollar Challenge?

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25 thoughts on “Manila Airport to Angeles City for $7 USD

  1. Did they do a pick-up at RW like the sign says? Company usually sends us to Marriott so that'd be perfect for me.
    I'm not sure how much to trust the sign given the times were all different.. I get it, stuff changes.

  2. That P2P Genesis bus is very convenient for the price rather than taking a taxi to the local bus terminals like Victory Liner or Five Star where you have to pay for the taxi and bus fares which might be more than the 350php that you pay for the Genesis bus from NAIA to Clark. Great information for the travelers out there.

  3. You seem to provide great info for places that I like to visit.  Nice to see you vlog again.  I'm sure you are so busy in your travels in the Philippines. Just be safe and keep it coming. Tony Montoya, Phoenix, AZ

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