MASSIVE PYTHON Snake INVADES Queensland HOME In The Night in the news


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A Monster snake which woke one Queensland woman up in the middle of the night.
The owner was greeted by the scrub python draped across the walls, bed and curtain of her home.
It is five meters long and weighs 40 kilograms.

The snake had been living in the roof for around 15 years, She believed, but had not previously ventured inside the property.
“We knew the snake was there, but I had never seen it inside, not that I know of,” she told ABC News . “I’ve never seen it in its full…

31 thoughts on “MASSIVE PYTHON Snake INVADES Queensland HOME In The Night in the news

  1. Beautiful video my dear Lucy and Harry 😉 I wish you a marvelous time, always the best in your life.. . Love and friendship, and everything your heart needs to be happy! Have a fantastic week!

  2. Hi Lucy Lue and Harry,
    Wow I would have had a heart attach I am afraid of snakes very much..I even had a hard time watching the video..When they show snakes on tv I have to shut my eyes til the snakes are gone..
    Your friend susie sue and the kitties.:) xoxxooxo

  3. Wow that's some story and a what  a shock it must have been to see it in their home, I think I would rather have my Stoats in the attic, talking of which this years Kits are on the run in the garden, footage coming up asap. 😉

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