Melitta Java Jig reusable K-Cup


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The Melitta Java Jig is designed for those of you with single serve coffee makers. But what makes this product unique is that it is re-usable . . . with a paper filter. Easy to use and way easier to clean up than other reusable K-Cups

4 thoughts on “Melitta Java Jig reusable K-Cup

  1. I'm not able to close the coffee maker without removing the first bottom holder in it. My husband insists it's forcing the coffee maker too much and will break it. Any suggestions? Am using the same Meliltta reusable kkkcup

  2. My problem with this filter is that I get grounds in it-do you have that problem?
    Also-off topic but how is it that your Keurig flows so fast? Mine is a trickle and it's brand new!

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