Microsoft Build 2018: Windows 10 Your Phone, Sets, Timeline iOS, Android


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Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore shows new features coming to Windows 10 at Build 2018, including Your Phone app, Timeline for iOS with Microsoft Edge and Timeline for Android with Microsoft Launcher, and upcoming changes for Windows 10 Sets.

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27 thoughts on “Microsoft Build 2018: Windows 10 Your Phone, Sets, Timeline iOS, Android

  1. 8:07 your phone app integrating android messages, last 25 photos and notifications summary
    you will almost fall asleep with the lady talking, but this is one of the most attractive features in this build – finally getting your phone's notifications onto your computer without 3rd party solutions.
    pity this doesn't work with iphones (because apple are cunts), but good effort microsoft

  2. I have a question about timeline. Are the documents and fotos we look at in our PCs accesable or viewable to someone in the cloud? Is that something we should be concerned about?

  3. These idiots are what lead the way of death to Microsoft turning their backs on users and fan Boys of the company's products a decade burning money and stealing ours until when they are working as a dictatorship that turns their backs on their MICR people Osoft moves away more and more of us this will make it play background as a past with WP

  4. Joe Belfiore will never live down the "it's a phone, not a PC" speech he gave during the Windows Phone launch event. I haven't been able to take this man seriously since then…

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