Minecraft 1.14 Secret Hidden Features Announced! Village & Pillage Update PE, Xbox, Switch & Java


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Secret Features have been announced by Dinnerbone for 1.14, 1.8 also known as the village and pillage update! These are features we won’t know about until the actual release!

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23 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.14 Secret Hidden Features Announced! Village & Pillage Update PE, Xbox, Switch & Java

  1. Villager protectors should have a biome specific weapons like tridents for seaside villages, hunting rifles for the taiga, desert protector villagers have a special crossbow that fires cactuses and deal lots of damage when shot at the head of the pillagers sorry for spamming

  2. And also villagers should have biome unique beast like villages by the sea could use dolphins to track down pillagers that might hid in the water and attack them or icy villages should have polar bears with more health and damage and has 60% chance to kill the pillager beast or jungle villages should have parrots to warn them and eagles to attack pillagers in the air or a big cat that is strong enough to have a very good chance to kill the raid party that is another idea of mine

  3. You the pillagers have a deadly beast, well they should add a certain pillager that uses a hawklike mob instead of a crossbow and also the villagers should have a beast and a hawklike mob too to defend thenselves that would be awesome

  4. Trains that run on mine rails?
    Post offices and train stations in villages?
    A messenger villager that rides on a horse?
    A protective villager, that have a guard type that has shields, armour, and a sword and a warrior that shoots arrows and has a Sparta hat?

  5. Ideas for 1.16 update (futuristic update)

    Particle accelator (new weapon)

    Villager kingdoms

    Villager king

    Villager soldiers and archers

    Tesla tower (to protect villages)

    Heaven dimension

    Good and Evil dragon


    Minibugs (a new mob check it out in pixel gun 3d game)

    Emerald weapons armor and tools



    Slender forest (new biome)

    Slenderman (in slender forest)

    Pet dragons

    Jurassic island(new rare biome)

    Bamboo spear

    Minecoin ore


    Lots of tnt (water,lava) and much more


    Rocketships(used to go to space)


    Space stations (new structure)

    Hogs and much more animals

    Wither armor tools and weapons (overpowered)

    Planets (in space)

    Jet packs

    Any ore golem

    That's all hope this comes soon and hope you agree

  6. Stealth Dude, you have been nothing but being awesome! 😊 I have never met a Youtuber like you before. You are Kind, Generous and you allways help us out by showing the things that some of don't even know (including me) And i'd just like to Thank you for supporting all of us and helping us out! 😎 ✌ #StealthArmyForever

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