Minecraft Java Worlds PLAYABLE on the Bedrock Edition?!


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Today we play Minecraft Java Worlds on the Bedrock Edition!
» Experiments Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLR50dP3MW9ZW8FdncbqReMHbWgVPmUHF4
More info in the description below!

Empire92’s “FAWE” Anvil to LevelDB Convertor
» https://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/anvil-to-leveldb-converter-java-to-pocket-edition/

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23 thoughts on “Minecraft Java Worlds PLAYABLE on the Bedrock Edition?!

  1. can someone please tell me how to convert my minecraft pe world to java?? i searched for hours now, but only found old videos where people in the commentsection are complaining about the steps not working.
    cant I just download my world from realms to win 10 and convert it somehow? sadly it seems like mcc toolchest is main focused on java edition 😡

  2. I'm trying to go the other direction without much luck, using mcctoolchest is transferring the world but not any of my stuff or buildings (so, just like if I just had the seed).

  3. will it work the other way around? I have this survival map that I have worked really hard on on my grandparent's ps3 and i've only found one converter that I know works to do that but the website that you download it from doesn't exist anymore and i haven't found anything else to convert it with that works.

  4. I found a way to convert old minecraft console edition maps over to the Windows 10/PE without needing an Xbox One, PS4, Switch, etc. However, this method only works with PS3 and Xbox 360. Basically I used this piece of software called, "Minecraft Map Converter", I made sure I've viewed every corner of the world so the entire world will convert to java. Once I was done loading every chunk, I loaded the world on a flash drive, and extracted the savegame.dat file to my desktop. From there I used the conversion tool to convert it over to java. As a second check, I viewed every corner of where it met with random chunks to fill where the world ended. From there, I move on to Empire92's conversion tool to convert the world from java to bedrock. I then followed the steps shown in the video and boom, an old console edition world on Windows 10/PE. It's not quite perfect though because some worlds when converting it over to java will skip chunks and some even strips of chunks (but not common, about a 1/20 chance)

  5. What do i do.. I convert the world and I put the world into minecraft be's world folder. It loads just default world. I tried to fix this.. it always load SAME default minecraft world I dont know why its happening

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