Mini Elm 327 Bluetooth OBD/OBD2 Version Check & Install On Android


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Latest Version Launchh Mini ELM327 Interface V2.1 OBDII OBD2 Bluetooth Car Auto Diagnostic Scanner At Amazon:
ELM327 WIFI OBDII Diagnostic Scanner Tool for Smartphone / PC / iOS / iPhone/ iPad/ iTouch /Mac At Amazon:
Diageng 16 Pin Ultra Flat Low Profile Male to Female OBD II 2 Extension Cable 30cm/12″ At Amazon:
Elm Electronics software
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9 thoughts on “Mini Elm 327 Bluetooth OBD/OBD2 Version Check & Install On Android

  1. Version 1.5 doesn't really exist, that's something knock offs setup. Pretty sure same goes for 2.1.
    Unfortunately you cannot get a legitimate one outside of dealerships and authorized repair shops, to my knowledge, but you can get the official chip and then replace it yourself, directly from ELM.

  2. I ran the checker and all bands were red except for half of v1.0, 1.2, 1.3 and about 75% of v1.4b but the text said it was v2.1 so go figure. The product info for this sale on fleabag said it was a v1.5. Methinks somebody's information is wrong…….. It won't connect with the app on Bluetooth either but the reader software did. Any ideas anyone?

  3. I cannot get mine to work for nothing tried all different kinds of apps still nothing it says mine is a 2.1 I ran the app that you suggested but still it will not connect with my car's computer I have a 1996 Lincoln Town Car and it is OBD2 compliant…. when I ran the app you are referring to in this video it did say it was a 2.1 but on the list 2.1 Stayed red have no idea what is wrong?

  4. Good job Richard…

    This will help buyers know whether they've been ripped off when they receive their goods.

    Allot of eBay sellers advertise v2.0, v2.1 etc in their descriptions, but when you get them they are pretty much always using the earlier version ELM IC inside.

    Some sellers will suggest that the advertised v2.0, v2.1 etc is the device model number rather than the internal ELM IC version number when you quiz them, the sneaky bastards.

    Its always worth contacting the seller in advance before taking the plunge based solely on an eBay description.

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