Monty Python The Meaning of Life – The Protestant View


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A scene from the 1983 Monty Python classic “The Meaning of Life”.

*The end got cut off and he actually says “Multiply everywhere”.

41 thoughts on “Monty Python The Meaning of Life – The Protestant View

  1. ….vielleicht gefällt diesem Mann protestantischen Glaubens, seine Frau nicht, mir scheint eh, diese hat sehr männliche Züge, woher dies wohl kommen mag? Und diese armen katholischen Kinder, müssen für den medizinischen Fortschritt ihre Körper hergeben…. ja, der Preis vieler Kinder scheint in Great Britain doch recht hoch zu sein… aber immerhin kann man diese Kinder nun einem sinnvollen Zweck zuführen…😉

  2. I counted 58 kids, not counting when they cut to them, I would add 5 more to the count. Then there were the babies and toddlers, so that's like 8 more, plus the one that plopped out of her. An estimate of 72 kids in total! She had to have been an octo-mom a couple of times.

  3. The most impressive part of this sketch is not the fact that the first two full minutes were shot in one take, but the steady stream of Catholic children shuffling out of the door across the street during that entire two minutes.

  4. *The end got cut off and he actually says "Multiply everywhere". U cannot do that if U R gay. U can only have a poo baby. CUMMING to HBO… Bringing Up Poo Baby… in the first episode Dato finds that Brayline has been using a laxative and wonders if she is trying to abort their poo baby.

  5. Nah, I don't think so. I've nothing more to say to you. With your false view of historical events and skewed viewpoints, I have nothing more to say to you. No need to repsond you have said enough. I prefer to discuss REAL history with people who know and are honest about history.

  6. The Concordat is supposed to establish a link between the state and the Church, it does not mean that the Church supports every policy introduced by that state. You need to do this when millions of people of your country are catholics, and when you sincerely don't know what the new government is up to. As soon as the Nazis started to show their true faces the Church started to protest and has been persecuted since then. Google Kulturkampf, Mit Brennender Sorge and you will find many sources.

  7. No, in fact the Church is the reason why we have surpassed every other civilisation on Earth and ours became dominant and colonised the rest of the world. Not surprisingly all of this happened not in the Renaissance, which in many cases was actually backwards, but in the Middle Ages, when the Church was the dominant institution. You need to stop living in a fantasyland and demonizing your opponents when you clearly lack sufficient evidence and base your beliefs on anti-catholic websites.

  8. Cardinal Secretary of State, Eugenio Pacelli (later to become Pope Pius XII) signs the Concordat between Nazi Germany and the Vatican at a formal ceremony in Rome on 20 July 1933. Nazi Vice-Chancellor Franz von Papen sits at the left, Pacelli in the middle, and the Rudolf Buttmann sits at the right.

    The Concordat effectively legitimized Hitler and the Nazi government to the eyes of Catholicism, Christianity, and the world.

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