Multiple Panels in one JFrame in Java


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How to interact between multiple panels in one JFrame. How to handle events between two panels in one JFrame.

7 thoughts on “Multiple Panels in one JFrame in Java

  1. I think it's disgusting that you think you can put ads on this garbage video. I understand what you're going for, but increase the quality before you develop the balls to try to earn from your videos. Dude you're putting a price tag on a timid, unintelligible, stuttering pile of shit of a video. How are you going to gain subs? Look at your dislike ratio. Christ.

  2. How can I make it so that the size of the panels are constant, for example if I am using a 1920×1080 Frame, I want 1920×780 to do one thing, and the rest to have buttons

  3. and if i have different GUI in different documents but i have a main JFrame what can i do so every time i open a GUI it shows in the main Frame instead of opening a new JFrame?

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