myfitnesspal Tips & Tricks [Android Version]


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This video I am going to show you guys how I personally use the myfitnesspal app. This video is inteneded for the Android version of myfitnesspal, if you have an iphone I have a tutorial for the version as well. Click the link below to check it out.

6 thoughts on “myfitnesspal Tips & Tricks [Android Version]

  1. Very helpful, for me,as I am dysfunctional with these apps!!!! You went nice and slow, which helps! Easier to follow than the other videos I viewed. Lol! Thanks! I will still have to look at it many times!

  2. I have used my fitness pal many times before but I just deleted it (I regret it now) I went through all the apple store blablabla like I did earlier but it kept coming up saying stuff like "Screen lock type" "info and app short cuts" "Fine my Mobile" "Unknown Sources" etc but I do not know which one to choose. I found one earlier and I signed in saying my age, weight my goal and all that but it said something about a code…. I have tried that with my uni code and all sorts os stuff but it does not like it….. it would be great if you could help with that too 🙂

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