NBA 2K19 IOS/ANDROID Gameplay and Release Date is Coming Soon!!


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22 thoughts on “NBA 2K19 IOS/ANDROID Gameplay and Release Date is Coming Soon!!

  1. Ok so i was thinking that if everyone who wants 2k19 mobile needs to make some noise and do whatever they can to get 2k to release a game because I look at it this way, the more people who ask for it the more voices will be heard and they will eventually have to release one so what y’all think?

  2. I shared the link with you and the description doesn’t say much about the mobile but at the top it does in fact show the platforms that 2k19 will be on and iOS and android both are on there.

  3. I just got info online that the possible release date for nba 2k19 for iOS and android will probably be around the same time 2K18 got released which was sept 20 of last year so this year looking bout the same but could be released any time before then.

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