NGX Settings | Cool Tricks and Useful Tips | Part 1


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I hope you enjoy learning what all of the settings do and finding out about new tricks and tips which I have. Please give this video a thumbs up and comment if you have a question!

21 thoughts on “NGX Settings | Cool Tricks and Useful Tips | Part 1

  1. Dude you're awesome, for a year now I was always puzzled why i could never get the LAND 3 and rollout enunciated, then i tried it with the fail op setting and it works finally.

  2. How can I save my settings, because every time I start the NGX I have to go into the FMC and select, for instance, the Honeywell… And all my other preferences.

    How can I save them and make it load automatically every time I start the NGX?

  3. The longest Flight i did in the 737-700 from PMDG was from Paine Flield (KPAE) to Stockholm Arlanda (ESSA). That is about 4000nm. And from Manila (RPLL) to Abu Dhabi (OMAA) about 3800 nm in the 737-600. Both Flights with an empty Aircraft. And Amsterdam to Bosten with Max. Take-Off weight, about 3000 nm in the 737-700.

    By the way TOPCAT is a nice Program for performance calculations.

  4. few things…
    11:30 "i personally dont see the point" when certain airlines bought NG 737's they had trouble with crews that only knew how to "glance" at the analog gauges as they had been trained on classic 737's, so boeing made it that they only need a button in the FMC to put the crews and airlines at ease.

    20:22 Settings > General > International > Unit Of Measure > Select "Metric" then FSX and PMDG with work nicely in KG and not lbs.

    apart from that great tutorial… subscribed 🙂

  5. is it complicated to fly on vatsim or IVAO? im about to get my PPL and then start instrument so ATC is a no brainer, but im very unfamiliar with More advanced IFR flying ATC. Would you happen to have any tutorials on it? seeing as you explain things so well.

  6. This may possibly be the stupidest question that you have been asked but how did you get that first extra window in the bottom right hand corner up? I am getting the hang of the game now with auto pilot and atc etc. but want to start getting to understand all the technicalities of aviation!

  7. @FSXpilot767 I apoligise for asking you so many questions. Do you get angry when i ask you too many questions. I hope not. This video was a classic !! Keep it up !! Yeah, and do you know any real ATC addon for FSX ?

  8. hey buddy, let me ask you something… how do I save the changes because every time I start my FSX the settings are all to default, and the V1 callout sonds twice and I have to set ot off again.

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