Nokia 6.1 Android 9.0 Pie Official Review!!!


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Nokia 6.1 / Nokia 6 2018 Official Android 9.0 Pie Full REVIEW. Nokia just started rolling out Official Pie Update to Nokia 6.1, Nokia 6.1 Plus and Nokia 7 Plus.

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45 thoughts on “Nokia 6.1 Android 9.0 Pie Official Review!!!

  1. Bro Tell me one thing that i am also a nokia 6 user updated pie 9 whenever i want to set lock screen message or owner info i set my name but my lock screen message doesn't show why???🤔 And when i set a wallpaper from not device section from online wallpaper app that is given inbuilt in phone and i change wallpaper and then add a screen lock msg then it shows… WHY and it doesn't show long it automatically disappear from screen msg why tell bro and tell is this a problem or some new feature of 9 pie TELLLLL??????

  2. Bro i have Nokia 6.1 update Pie 9 and From some reasons i reset my phone after 3weeks when i buy it and Now the problem is "IN LOCK SCREEN SETTINGS THE LOCK SCREEN MESSAGE IS NOT WORKING". I save a lock screen msg but it is not showing on screen BRO TELL WHAT TO DO to FIX this problem? TELL

  3. I am using 6.1 plus
    After updation my device got slow which is lagging
    What's app video calling is not working properly after new updation
    Kindly help me out to solve this problem

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