Notification Updates in Android Oreo


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Notification Channels:
Notification Badges:

Android Oreo introduces several key updates to notifications, including notification channels and notification badges. Notification channels are collections of associated notifications. Each notification has a channel, and users can set preferences for each notification channel via the app’s settings.

Notification channels are especially important because they are required for all notifications on…

21 thoughts on “Notification Updates in Android Oreo

  1. Really its good but the problem is it shows the message contents preview in home and lock screen after turning off the hide content setting in whatsapp…could you please tell me is there any other setting to show only contact name and without showing the message.

  2. I have a feeling this is part of why my Galaxy S _ no longer keeps count of the unread messages in the form of the red icon bubble. If I receive texts from multiple people and only check one message, the red counter disappears making me have to manually check for unread messages. I am too dumb to do this and this is why I have a smartphone. Serious fail! Please make smartphones smart again! #MSSA

  3. This is the dumbest update for no reason. Notifications have been so complex in Oreo update which wasn't necessary at first place. Managing notifications for every app and especially from 7.0 to 8.0 update is such a painful task. Just hate this notificaion thing!

  4. What happens when the user hides a notification that belongs to a foreground service? Would it be stopped? Would it stay? Would it become background service, and then has more chance of being closed?

  5. Why disable the feature to format SD card as adaptable storage, this feature made android great now android unless with very limited storage space for apps, android been ruined since marshmallow 😐

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