Nuages – Django Reinhardt fingerstyle


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Django Reinhardt recorded many versions of this beautiful song. This one is based on a 5 minute improvisation he recorded in 1950. I only play the melody and skipped the improvisation for only one reason : I’m not that fast….

Here’s the link to Django’s…

34 thoughts on “Nuages – Django Reinhardt fingerstyle

  1. I I really want to get that sound by buying a Loar LH-700 but I'm afraid of buying one that doesn't sound like this video after hearing about their quality control issues. Should I still go ahead and buy one?

  2. Hi DaddySP, thanks for the videos, I like them to hear out. Y are offering TABS… thats fine! One question about them: Does the Tabs showing the mode changes?
    If not please set them vissible!!…….
    And may you can help me, because "jeffreymatz" do not act. I want to play the opening of April Kisses like he does, but I can't hear it out, it sounds bad when I'm playing … need some help..
    best wihes long life and more stuff … thanks again..

  3. Daddy knows…….Speed Kills.
    What Daddy does here, you can't teach.
    Life teaches the player, then he plucks it back out. In this case, in a MOST beautiful way.
    Thanks for letting me stop by the stovepipe, Daddy.

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