Osmo Pocket Tips and Tricks #2: Micro USB (And question about 3.5 mm mic adapter)


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Since DJI did not include a Micro USB phone adapter out of the box, this is how to connect the Osmo Pocket to an old Android phone that has only Micro USB port.
You can find the USB type C OTG adapter readily available from any retailer and a USB type C to Micro USB Adapter is easy to come by as well.

9 thoughts on “Osmo Pocket Tips and Tricks #2: Micro USB (And question about 3.5 mm mic adapter)

  1. Thanks Minh for this video. I actually live in HCMC Vietnam and bought the osmo 1 week ago. Is there anyway to find the Tripod Secure stand for the Osmo Pocket in HCMC, I found it online in Aliexpress but the shipments time etc didn’t seem convenient for me. Do you know any store who sell this here ? Thanks a lot ☺️🙏

  2. Sir, could u give me some advises about the story mode?, some people review and demo the story mode, but i didnt fount it in the app. The screen just available menu of photo, video, pano, hyperlaps, slowmotion

  3. Many people get trouble with this issue, but the simple solution, why didnt Dji provide in the market, the micro usb conector, so the customer doesnt sacrify thier satisfaction. Because with the micro usb, we cannot fully enjoy this osmo. But become so comolicated.

  4. Something important nobody is talking about, the unremovable internal battery can only be recharged 400 times and then it is dead! 400 charges? Really? This is a deal breaker. Do your research! What will you do with it after 400 charges? A throw it away?

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