Pass values between activities – Sketchware(Android) tutorial


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This tutorial describes the procedures of passing values between activities in Sketchware.

Get started with Sketchware and make your own apps for your android in your android with an easy to use UI.

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25 thoughts on “Pass values between activities – Sketchware(Android) tutorial

  1. Is it possible to pass number true activitys? For example:
    In Main.xml int=1
    Then pass the int=1 to
    Activity2.xml and increase the int by 1 so that the int=2. And for the last sending int=2 back to
    Main.xml ?? Is that possible

  2. i need help. i am trying to create an app that will allow mutiple sounds through soundpool. I want each sound to play once the switch is enable. i have a switch next to each individual track. i have it where the sound selected will play,but after it plays once it goes on to the next track even when the track is not selected. please help

  3. hey… sketchware had a big update. I think you should probably see it. Now we can use dialog and sounds. I think theres more but I cant remember. It has been for a while… I thought you stopped. I hope you come back for more tutorials.

  4. can we change the position of buttons, for example: if I open any activity and there are faur buttons, so every next time when i open the activity button 1 change the position, is it possible?

  5. Hi. I didn't mean that. I mean …
    as I press it will be calculating points … for example as I press the 3 times I have 3 points and as 12 times to 12 points 😉 I think you understand 😉 and thanks

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