PHP Desktop Application with Installer Tutorial


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You can make desktop applications to be deployed on stand alone pc with the help of php desktop chrome and inno setup compiler.

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29 thoughts on “PHP Desktop Application with Installer Tutorial

  1. I would like to know that when we create PHP web application as desktop application then what are the advantages of this? Will database updated without internet on web server with this desktop application?

  2. to anyone on here whose asking how to change the ico. just right click that that application and choose properties and lastly choose change icon. make sure that icon picture that ure replacing has an .ico extension. still dont understand? search it on google

  3. Could i use this technique to create a portable videoimagemp3 media gallery ? Would like user ability to load video&images on their own like a multimedia website but mysql not needed on computer ? A full standalone application. Should i look for a different programming langage to accomplish this ? c++? Same dillema as user "Nikhil Shinde".Thanks

  4. hey hai. when i try to run my .exe file it says "Your version of PHP isn't recent enough. Please update your php version to at least 5.6" but when i check the version of php machine its show 7. can you plz help me with this

  5. can you please guide how to change php elephant icon (in title bar), as after using inno setup and creating the exe of the project that php icon still shows up , please reply how to replace with other logo??????

  6. This is nice. I faced a problem. When I try to launch index.php file I get error
    Error 500: Internal Server Error
    CGI program sent malformed or too big (>16384 bytes) HTTP headers: []

    How can I fix it. Please solution. My OS is window 8 64 bit.


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