PHP | How to setup XAMPP and NetBeans for PHP project


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PHP | How to setup XAMPP and NetBeans IDE for PHP project
By: Yusuf Shakeel

If you want to set XAMPP Apache Port Number then kindly watch this video

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[How to setup XAMPP Apache Port Number]

Download XAMPP

XAMPP is for Windows, Linux and Mac

Download NetBeans

Download the Complete pack of NetBeans if you are planning to work on C, C++, Java,…

34 thoughts on “PHP | How to setup XAMPP and NetBeans for PHP project

  1. Hello Yusuf Shakeel, one question please: and when the server is wamppserver wiht i made the process whe you describe in 1:06 of it video?. mi project in when folder i store is when wampserver don´t have teh folder htdocs…Thanks for help me.

  2. Thanks for your reply. Maybe I should have phrased the questions differently. I am seeing a lot of tutorials for working with netbeans on the desktop (using Wamp). What I want is connect it straight to my test domain / development environment on the internet. This way when I make changes I can ask people to check it straight away. Of course I will make sure it is password protected but only available for those needed.

    Is that possible or do I have to develop the project in full and then upload it?

  3. Hi Yusuf,

    Interesting video. I am totally new at Netbeans and I am trying to find a tutorial on Netbeans. However, all of the tutorials have as example to be used XAMP. I have bought a domain and want to connect it live on the internet. Do you have any ideas how to do that?

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