PHP Lesson 28 – Working with the ISSET Function


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In this lesson I use the ISSET function to avoid errors in working with the data submitted by a form. Until the form is submitted the POST information does not yes exist. The ISSET function will check to see if a variable has been set.

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9 thoughts on “PHP Lesson 28 – Working with the ISSET Function

  1. tnx man you really gave me a good tip with the isset($_POST[' submit' ]) 
    my webpage keeps adding blank entries to my mysql database whenever i refresh the page and isset function solved that problem thanks again

  2. well,you put in the action atribute the location of your php file
    for example <input type="text" action=" yourphpfile"..
    if you don't understand you can watch the previous tutorial,he explained well

  3. What if my form action is located to another php file where the PHP code is?
    Once I put this isset function above the php part that I want to execute after pressing the submit button it won't work.

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