PHP MySQL Social Network Full Project(Like Facebook,Twitter) With Source Code


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DAOWAT – Social Network

I was curious after using facebook how this works. Then I start learning web programming. Within 4 months develop this website and host it with the domain name DAOWAT.

Website Live Preview
Now it’s live on free hosting site.
Pc version:
Mobile version:

Platform Used
(i) HTML5
(ii) CSS3
(iii) JavaScript
(iv) Ajax

(i) PHP
(ii) MySQL

—Source Code…

48 thoughts on “PHP MySQL Social Network Full Project(Like Facebook,Twitter) With Source Code

  1. if their is anyway you could help me with this project, i am unable to change all the code to MySQLi, i understand your saying it will take thousands of lines of code to change it, but in order to understand this code more, i will need your assistance. I can change my php version, but i am unsure on what version to switch it to.

  2. You mean you're not releasing the right administrative part?
    because I also have to register as an admin to gain access to the panel … right? but where….
    I will have to create a validation for user (client) and another for the admin …. correct? …. I loved the site …. hugs Paulo / Brazil

  3. the site is wonderful … I am practicing it with my studies …. but .. I do not get into the administrative panel due to the configuration of the validation of the email … but I will be able to

  4. Fatal error :Uncaught error

    There is an error in d connect.ini.php and Index.php not loading , it's saying

    fatal error: Uncaught error : call to undefined functions mysql_connect() in C:… stack trace : #0 C:……index.php(1): include() #1 {main} thrown in C: ……inc on line 2

    it's not connecting for Db name -daowat_db, db-user – root , db-pass "" .. Please check and correct with the code

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