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Our PHP Social Network script is similar with Twitter, allowing you to keep in touch with your friends, @mention them, create #hashtags, send messages (tweets) in real-time, receive automatic notifications upon new mentions and new messages, the script is responsive too (native application style on mobile devices), modern (metro) clean design, and so much more…

9 thoughts on “PHP Social Network Platform

  1. Copyright and Intellectual Property, CONSULTATION

    Hi, I would like to know how you handle copyright within your Social NETWORD platform. This is a very sensitive issue, for example if a user wishes to post an article of the Toyota brand. And the Toyota company verifies that a user of you within your website is using your name and brand logo to make positive or negative comments about your brand.
    How do you control that?

    Another example if a user makes a bad comment about a tennis player and the tennis player demands you, for publishing that bad comment.
    How would you handle that issue?

    Would it be interesting to me to answer those two examples as you would handle that?

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